Sunday, October 3, 2010

No joke

The autumn weather has decided to bless us with its awesome beauty here in South Jersey. It's even come to Philadelphia just in the nick of time. Despite the fact that life has been punching me in the face, this weather can rescue me from a depressing slump.

F* it!! I'm still well and not starving. I have my family here with me everyday. We are poor folks trying to make the best out of life. I'm going to work a ten hour shift today, and then I have some time off this week.

There will be a large effort to make the best use of time in the next 5 days. There are perogies to be made, squash to be vacuumed packed, and head cheese. You read it right! I'm going to embark on a disgusting project of making a gelatinous and meaty delicacy called Head cheese or souse. Perhaps I will vomit during the cooking or eating process. But come hell or high water, I'm determined to make it. I will be strong. If I'm going to eat meat, I've decided to try and use most or all of the animal. We've purchased half of a local, pasture fed pig. It was sent to the butcher to be processed last week, and we're picking it up on Friday.

I don;t even know how to make head cheese. I've never even tasted it. Call me crazy. It doesn't sound like the best time.

This tattoo mom might be sawing a pig's head in four.

Removing the eyes and brain.
Cooking it down in a huge pot with vinegar and spices
Removing the meat from the head and collecting the gelatin when it's done cooking.
Wrapping it in a cheesecloth, and hanging it for the night.

It sounds disgusting all around. However I've heard that head cheese is a lovely tasting treat. We will certainly see very soon. Pics to come!!


  1. BARF Tegan! When you say the pig got sent to the butcher for processing, wouldn't they just discard the head/eyes, etc? Or did you specifically ask for them?
    I thought I loved every cheese in the world...but head just making me feel ill!

  2. i am veeeeryyy interested to see how this turns out. im not sure i would have the guts to make that. but i dooo wonder how it will look/taste. good luck!

  3. Love you, girlie..but, I second the BARFing...yuck!!! You are definitely a braver soul than I!!!

  4. I hope they already remove the eyes and brain. It'll make my job a lot easier. I feel like I should be strong since every trained chef has to make this and more other unpleasing things.

    Well I'll keep you all posted. It does sound kind of gross, but I enjoy some "gross" foods like beef tongue and animal liver. Also we grew up on fried chicken gizzards. (Thanks a lot, dad!!)

  5. Fried gizzards are the bomb, bomb diggity!!! LMAo and beef tongue too.
    PIGS FEET AND TRIPE, everything is food to me. If it tastes good, I eat it!

    Nothing disgusts me anymore. MAYBE, if I see blood shedding and suffering I'll probably faint. I want to see that head cheese you are talking about!