Thursday, October 21, 2010

foot loose and fancy free

The muppets said it best. I'm trying to keep up with the positive pace. 7 days in a row I worked last week. Yesterday was mostly spent driving home so It didn't really feel like a day off. However I was happy to spend some time with my family. We went to the Indian buffet, and my little man and I napped together. My husband made a baked whole chicken for dinner which is leaps and bounds for him. Although he cooked it upside down.... I was carving it, and thought "this is the weirdest looking chicken with barely any breast meat." Then I turned it over, and there those luscious chest muscles were.

Anyway there's been some intense and hard living being experienced by myself, and I'm over it. I'm running myself into the ground. Everyday including working, drawing, driving, tatting, eating, sleeping, or some similar combination of the above. The intense lifestyle has been overbearing and aging, and I'm ready for some change.

Occasionally the work itself is emotionally demanding. The other day I tattooed a portrait of this gentlemen's son who took his own life at age 15 a little over a month ago. It was such a sad story to hear, and it seems all too common these days. Suicide is an epidemic right now. I feel the pain for this noble father. Despite his broken heart, he was being strong yet honest for his family. A few times I almost teared up. The best part of my job is when I can help someone's healing process by making art for them. In hopes that he can find some peace someday, and I can make a difference in his life.

Thankfully, there's a break in the near future for me after this Saturday. I only have one appointment on Monday night until Thursday and then Saturday. That's all the work I have to do next week. The excitement is boiling over. There's many things planned in between. My husband and I have an anniversary to celebrate. He had this huge and fancy plan, but I asked him to cancel and settle for a quiet night at home. I just want to be at home. There's so much to do. We have so much food here. I want to cook and relax and watch a movie, hang out with our son, and go to the zoo in the morning. I want to stretch my legs because my ass has been planted on the tattoo throne or my car seat way too much lately. I want to go to play dates and feel like a mom again. Ride my bicycle and toddler trailer again. I'm all cramped and stifled and miserable and depressed. I need to get out of this funk. Saturday can't come soon enough.

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