Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rummage sailing

Yesterday morning was just like the way old days from my childhood when my Canadian/ Ukrainian grandmother used to take my sibling and I out for shopping. At the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings, we were pirates yard sailing in search of treasure among everyone else's junk. My memories weren't all that fond except when we did find a nice toy. Yesterday I went out extremely early before I even brushed my teeth and found some useful and inexpensive goods that were on our wish list. I'm now a proud of being meager in my middle age.

There must be a frugal gene within my paternal family's bloodline. I've been fighting it for years, but these days I can't fight the internal prudence that lives inside of me. My father has certainly taken it to the extreme. There was an article in his local paper about his behaviors. The reality is, no one is more thrifty than my yard sailing grandmother. There's no doubt that she hold's the title for Pismo Beach, CA.

I'm all about trying to get the best quality for the smallest amount of money. You can't always get what you want on a short budget with instant gratification. This is completely against the present American way in which you want something, you have immediate access. We've begun to use some patience in our purchases, and sometimes you haveto keep searching until your item pops up. There are so many sites that can help you to do this on the internet. One of my favorites is, but you can also try ebay or freecycle too. There are too many to name. Yard sailing can be very disappointing, but I was as happy as if I was shopping at Nordstrom. Many things of my wish list turned up at the best price. A toaster for $1, a floor steamer for $5, corning wear, brand new 440 thread count sheets, a coffee grinder for $2, a Krups espresso maker for $10, and a 50 cent retractalble sword and Home Depot Ride in Digger for $3 for Talon. Not to mention an unused sandwich press for my husband for a whopping dollar. The saint of garage sales was on my side. I can't imagine what we would've bought those thing directly from the store, and some of the items were unused too! I'm still buzzing on the high of the penny-pinching high.

PS Check out my new reading glasses....


  1. Yes, you come from a long line of frugal shoppers - some who may even take it to the extreme. As long as you buy it because you will use it, not because it's a great deal, you ar doing good. t may be a sign that you've gone too far if you give out Easter candy for Halloween.... (still remember the kids getting Easter peeps, way after Easter)

  2. Good advice that I try to remember. Normally when I buy things I don't need it's usually over priced fashionable items like clothes, shoes or accessories. I would never buy the candy and give it out way past it fresh date or eat anything like that either. I trust dates. :)
    Thinking of you , Nancy. The Walk to beat Breast Cancer is walking by our shop and getting many hoots and hollars.