Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coffee makes a world of difference

My veins have been bereft of the sacred java been juice for a couple of days now. I've been lagging, and my energy has been at an all time low. Earlier this week I napped with my son and went to bed at an early hour. Yesterday I skipped the naps, but still couldn't keep my eyes open past 9pm. Perhaps this is due to the sun setting at 7pm. This tme of year the lack of sun messes with my head. This morning everything changed with two cups of coffee. The Energizer bunny has posessed me causing me to multitask before work.

After a morning of errands out with the whole family, cooking commenced. On the stove is some multi veggie red sauce including butternut squash. In the oven is an meatloaf with onions and peppers, and I also roasted some eggplant earlier for freezing. My three days off are over, and I accomplished more storing and cooking for the winter. However there's still piles of vegetables to work through - a seemingly endless supply of a plethora of squashes, potatoes, and peppers. As per the suggestion of a fellow following blogger, I'm going to make Sofrito (or my husband offered to do it...). After observing that the recipe uses ample amounts of peppers, I'm on it.

This work day starts yet another working marathon of 6 days in 3 states. Today 6.5 hrs in Philly, Friday and Saturday 20 hrs in NJ, 10 more in Philly, and then Monday and Tuesday in NH. I know that these days will be rewarding, but the anticipation is the worst part. Once it's over on the drive back, I'll be kicking myself once again. At least I won't forget to drink the java the to help me through it.

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