Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calming down

Cooking always makes me feel better. I just blanched some tomatoes for a marinara sauce that's stewing on the stove top as these words are being typed. There are eggplants roasting in the oven so that I can freeze them or make a little baba ganoush for enjoying at work tomorrow. It's gives me a piece of mind to save the bounty of our summer Organic farm share. That way we can use it through the winter. There's only two more weeks of produce pick ups. Then it's back to Wholefoods, or whole "pay check", until next summer.

There are a couple of urban indoor gardening methods I can apply through the winter. Perhaps I can experiment with some hydroponics. I'll certainly have to start up the sprouting again. It's so easy. I know my husband would never go for the sprouts, and neither will my son. We'll see. I'd like to start enforcing salads in this household on a regular basis.

There are also navy beans soaking in the crock pot. While I work the cooking will continue in that pot, baking beans with molasses and bacon inspired by some recipe from Boston.

The temperature is still close to 80 these days, and it doesn't feel like fall. Yet I'm preparing for the winter. I'm praying for lots of snow so that I can be forced to stay at home, relax and enjoy some of these things I prepared. We will have all we need even if the power goes out, we can light a fire. And we will have each other.

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  1. you are going to make me cry Tegan!
    I tried planting brussel sprouts last winter and nothing came out :(
    btw, I am soaking navy beans today!!!