Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mac N Cheese

Yesterday I embarked on cooking a dish for 75 people. It was Perfect Macaroni and Cheese or so Martha said. Well It was an adapted version due to the expensive price of Gruyere. It probably would've been fine with three times that recipe, but I multiplied it by six since it said it should serve 12. Anyway, not even one tin was devoured when I left at around 8pm. The 75 people didn't show up, and I was wondering if it had to do with having the wrong address on the evite or if they were just rude.... Anyway it was my MIL's retirement party. She was happy. That's all that mattered.

Now I have some mac n cheese in the freezer for Thanksgiving at the FIL house on a remote island in MD. And so does someone else.

This is certainly my favorite time of the year due to the frequent feasts and celebratory libations. My figure and my head the next day suffers, but it's all worth it. The weather is now bearable, but I must find my family some winter clothes.

After our party, my visitor from the Northland made some Halloween decorations, and then we drew and then painted which was unsucessful. I do love my pumpkin though. My husband just saw a pic of the "throwing up" pumpkin this year. Therefore I decided to pay homage to the sick pumpkin and put him on display amongst my "emotion" ghosts. My son and I made them from old milk cartons in hopes of teaching him the names of emotions. As a being of the male gender, I believe it's necessary to let him know that it's okay to express his feelings. Tomorrow we shall fill the jugs with orange glowing lights, and give out candy to the neighborhood children. That is after we get our own collection first!!! Mwahahaha!!!!

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