Friday, October 8, 2010


Today was the last day of my unofficial vacation in which I had to cancel. Needless to say, I still had fun. My husband took my son to the zoo with his Mimi, and I got to do whatever the heck I wanted all by my lonesome. I didn't even clean. I painted some of the flash pictured. There's much work to be done espcecially on the blending on La Catrina. There needs to be a couple more little drawings added as well. This page doesn't seem to be going as smooth as the first one, but I'll be doing more work on it tonight. It's been nice to paint things that I want to paint. No one is telling me what to paint, and this feels great. It's also nice to experiment with another medium.

Well there won't be any artwork done until after I finish with the head cheese. I didn't have to do any sawing or cutting. Thankfully, porky pig fit into one of ours pots. What a relief that was. I thought it was done, but when I took it out the meat wasn't quite falling off of the bone. However, the snout is gone, and I can see the skull. Guess who'll be using that in a painting soon??? I just hope that this comes out good. It's become quite the process. I also have a pork belly in the fridge that I need to cut up and freeze. Yay, me. More work to do. It's taking a lot longer than expected.

More pics to come.

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