Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be the Change you wish to see in the World.

Recently, I've been having some pretty strong epiphany like ideas going through my head. I've always been environmentally conscious since I was a young child. The thought of destroying the perfect environment on our Mother Earth has always appalled me. It's stayed with me through the years. Now here I am raising a family, and I'm still wondering how I can be more active in spreading the word. I've tried to be as low impact as possible, but it's very difficult to discern what is the best thing to do to save our planet.

As I mentioned previously, these realizations have been profound thoughts that have been consuming my thoughts. Several questions come into my head about how I can live all aspects of my life while still benefitting the good of our society as well as our habitat. After watching "Low Impact Man" last night, one of my recent ideas have been confirmed. My goal is to work harder on this. I'm going to pass the word on by creating a blog to help inform my peers as to what they can do to be a more Green.

Until then I'm researching some topics.