Friday, July 29, 2011

Maryland trip

We've escaped to see my Father in Law and wife to a remote island in the Chesapeake Bay. We arrived Thursday in the wee hours after a crazy car ride of dropping off our dogs at two separate families' homes and our son throwing up all over himself 3/4 into the ride. Once we got there it was smooth sailing. Yesterday we had a blast biking on the island, walking around the closest town that has some tourist shops, boating, and dining at my FIL's restaurant. This morning we acquired some crabbing supplies and a license, and set out to do some crabbing. This was fun for us, but Talon was miserable after awhile. We managed to catch tons of crabs, although many of them were under the specs for keeping. I could've done it for a couple more hours even though it was so hot and the sweat was pouring from my brow. The crabs are cooked and ready for harvesting the meat. I plan on taking it home and making some crab cakes and chowder if we have any meat left. I don't want to leave here. Relaxing and traveling is what recharges my battery and I've needed it.

Tonight we travel home after supping at the restaurant again. Then it's back to the grind. I can't wait to some back again.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Info regarding booking an appointment

Some info in case you want to book an appointment. I'm going to attach this to my emails since I don't want to waste anyone's time nor my own.

1. Tattoo appointments are presently booking two months in advance. Consultations can usually be booked within a week or two.
2. At the consultation, please bring any reference material you want me to be inspired by or images that you don't want it to look like if you're not very sure of what you want. Make sure your printouts are high definition and on good quality paper. Portrait photos need to be IN FOCUS! And usually 4"x6" or bigger. Professional photos preferred if possible. I can print out photographs for an additional charge added to the price of your tattoo.
3. A $100 cash deposit is required to book an appointment. It's nonrefundable and will go towards the final session to complete your tattoo if the piece takes more than one session.
If the tattoo takes one session, we will give you a price for the piece once it's drawn up. We can give you an approximate quote beforehand. Tattoos that take multiple sessions are priced at $150 pr hr.
4. The drawing will be available to view within a few days of your appointment via email per your request. If you want to view it in person, please ask to make a drawing review appt a day or two prior to your tattoo appointment. Drawings won't be done for you unless you book your tattoo appointment or drawing review and leave a deposit.
5. I prefer to book appointments for the Body Graphics Pennsauken, NJ location. There is free off street parking and private rooms for tattooing.
6. Please give 24 hrs notice to reschedule an appointment.
7. I don't suggest booking appt's unless you have time off. Please don't take time off from work to get a tattoo.
8. I'm pregnant and will be taking a maternity leave from Dec 22 - approx the middle or end of February 2012. If you want to book an appointments in 2012 now, we can begin setting dates in March.

These are some of the guidelines and basic information about how I prefer to work. After 15 years in the business, I know what works best for me. Some people want a design before making a tattoo appointment, and I will do that. However they will have to wait a couple of months like everyone else. Then after reviewing the line drawing, they might have to wait another 2 months before getting the piece done. I do prefer doing the sketch when there is a tattoo appointment booked. Due to experience, I feel as if the people who book the tattoo appointment are more clear in their visions and absolutely want the tattoo done.

The reason why I suggest making a tattoo appointment in your spare time is because you never know what will happen with you or me. I'm pregnant and have a toddler, and we don't use a daycare since my husband and I don't work "normal" day schedules. We're usually passing ships and hand over the care of our son to each other. If you aren't feeling well, please don't come in! If you aren't in a good state of mind or financially fit to spend money on the luxury such as a tattoo, please give me ample notice to reschedule. I'm a pretty understanding person and hope that my clients are the same birds of a feather.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last week was insanely busy as usual. I really felt it in my hands and wrists since everyday since Saturday, I've woken up with numb hands through the night and into the morning. I must get the braces! That's today's mission for sure.

Here's some pieces I worked on last week. The first one here is finally completed after an unknown amount of hours put into it.

Here is a cover up of a bad tattoo then a botched laser treatment. They scarred her up big time! She will most likely need a touch up session on the scarred area in a few months. Research your laser technicians, folks. Not everyone is good at what they do. Get personal references, before and after pics, and see what the state requires for licensing (if any!!!). Some states don't require anything and anyone can perform laser treatment without any training!! This is so scary!!!

This is an add on to another existing. I love floral and plant life so i can't wait to get some more work in on this.

Pardon the photography skills since the pic came out terrible because of poor lighting. This was a fun and quick project of only 6 hours or less. However, it's a cover up and we'll be going back in there in a month or two to add some more shading on top

This week will be a short work week. I have to work tonight through Friday, and then I have four consecutive days off. I'm so happy I could burst!!!