Friday, June 8, 2012

I guess now this blog should be called Tales of a Tattoo Mom with an extremely aggressive, invasive breast cancer. A biopsy came back the other day, and it says that it's aggressive invasive ductal breast cancer poorly differentiated. I'll post the pathology for you to see. (two people were concerned that someone would steal my identity so I took it down)

I'll share this with every one. I can't do this alone.

My lactating is coming to an end. As I type I have cabbage leaves on my engorged breasts in hopes to slow the milk production. Unfortunately the hormones that cause breast feeding might feed the cancer. I didn't believe that at first. I wanted to breast feed my little girl until she was old enough to lift my shirt and suckle on her own if she wished to do so. I wanted her to self wean when she was ready, but everything has changed. Now I can only hope to be around when she's that age.

I'm reaching out to lactating mom's out there to acquire donor milk, and so far it's working. South Jersey/Philadelphia has an amazing network of breast feeding women. Social media has helped ia greatly especially in the birthing, breast feeding, and babies Facebook group. Thank you, wholeheartedly.

We now have our own Facebook page called, Human Milk for Joslyn. Please add if you want to help even if it isn't donating milk. We are looking for people who can be couriers, supply sterile bags, or even bake oatmeal cookies for gals to build up their supply.

We also have a group on and Team Tegan. Soon enough we'll be putting duties up there you can sign up for. We'll need sitters, drivers for rides, people to cook meals, clean, do errands, walk our dogs. If anyone does healing services and wants to donate time, there's a massage table at the house already. Prayer chains are welcomed with open hands.

We're also accepting monetary donations. I'm unsure how much I'll be able to work through this time, and we depend highly on my income for our bills and rent. Because I'm self
employed, I'm not eligible for any government assistance. There will be benefits held in MA, NJ and possibly Fl and Philly. Also we're accepting Paypal donations via my website, In addition to that you can join our human tribe. It's a necklace with a 'T' on it.


  1. Tegan, you ARE eligible for SS disability. I strongly urge you to fill out the online application.

  2. I really hope that the disability route pans out! I signed up for the helping hands site last night, if there's anything in the mean time AT ALL, please let me know!
    I know that weaning isn't what you wanted for Joslyn, but you are an amazing mom and doing the best for you = doing the best for her. You WILL be around for her when she's that age! Love you <3 <3 <3

  3. HI Tegan et al., Sorry to hear about your war with the big C. We are all thinking of you here at White Mtn Tattoo and wish you well. Hugs and kisses from the gang! Gale

  4. Hello Tegan,

    So sorry to hear about your diagnosis - that's a world changing moment, as you know. If you ever want to connect with women who are pushing their way through treatments, you're very welcome at our page. Alternatively, there's a great support community online and through twitter. Point is, the support is here.

    Good luck as you move forward. (Fabulous idea for the support page - that's going to be a huge help!)

  5. hi tegan,

    i learned about your blog from another. i was diagnoisied with BC while I was pregnant. after the birth all was fine and i was able to breast feed for 5 months though i wanted to make it to a year, i had to stop as an emergency as well. though human milk would have been great, my little guy took to formula and a bottle pretty easily. i'm convinced he knew it was what his mama needed to do. the organic formula isn't so bad...not ideal but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. good luck with your journey. fight and keep smiling at that keeps hope and you alive. email me if you have any questions about motherhood during chemo/cancer treatment.
    FYI: there is a great organization that comes and cleans the house for cancer patients. one called cleaning for cancer and one called cleaning for a reason. (just a little thing that helps with a baby around)
    best in health to you. xo jen