Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Testing 1,2,3

Last night sleep was nearly impossible because of the impending day lined up. This morning I have to stop eating and drinking at 7:45am. We're dropping off my son at nursery school then heading one to a new breast surgeon, Dr Anne Rosenburg. People have said she's the best. She's funky with taking insurance so we have to bring a nice chunk of cash for her this morning. We'll do what we have to do to come up with the money if she's the right surgeon. Then we have to speed over to do some testing at 11:30am. Bone scan injection at 11:45am, Cat scan at 12. Chest X-Ray at 12:30pm. Then there's a break to eat. Bone scan at 1:30pm. Then we're done for the day.

Tomorrow is an Oncologist appt at 9:15am.

Thursday we have an MRI of the breast and meeting another breast surgeon at 2:30pm.

Welcome to my new job. Sometime in there I have to get blood work, and there's another surgeon that I wanted to meet up with. I've been talking with cancer survivors, plan to go to a meeting, organizing milk drop off.'s. Although I created a Facebook group called, Human Milk for Joslyn. In only a few days we have 95 members. People who are interested in donating breast milk, being a courier, baking lactation cookies, storing milk in their freezer. This group gives me hope.

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