Thursday, June 14, 2012

The game of Life

After meeting with the oncologist today, I feel as if we're on a tight time schedule. I really want this tumor out or mastectomy asap. However, he's suggesting that we should try to do chemotherapy asap, adjuvent chemotherapy, even before surgery to shrink the tumor and also obliterate any cancer that might be in the rest of my body.

My fear is that the cancer will place itself in the body elsewhere while the chemotherapy is being done, 6 months, or that the chemo won't work. There is no doubt that I will need the chemotherapy.

We did the genetic counseling too. It's presenting itself like I could have the BRAC 1 or 2 mutation. So far it's PR and ER negative. The her 2 should come back today.

Last night I spoke with the surgeon, and she somewhat eased my mind. The day before my mind was set, and the oncologist spun the top again. My head is swimming. She suggested getting a second opinion with an oncologist that she thought would fit my personality. I'm playing the game of LIFE and spinning the game piece waiting for the next turn.

Today I'm getting an MRI and a third opinion for the surgery aspect. Oi vey... How crazy my life has become. I'll take tattooing over having a disease. Tomorrow we might be hang the lymph node sentinel surgery and extraction if there is cancer in the lymph nodes. If not tomorrow then early next week. My fears of going under anesthesia must be out aside.

The simple things are so pleasing now.


  1. keep us updated on your brac status.... anxious to know.

    this sucks so much.

    know that i am thinking of you daily.

  2. Tegan, I am so proud of the way you are fighting this. Wish I could tell you that things will be like they were before cancer. It'll be different, maybe more precious would be the best way to describe it. If they keep the tumor in, then they can watch the size to see if the chemotherapy is working. There may also be ca. Blood tests that correspond to how the cancer is responding.
    I had my sentinel node biopsy with my mastectomy, so I can't tellyoumuch about the recovery. But I remember the injection, childbirth breathing will easily get you through it. Love you.