Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another day at the hospital

A week ago and beyond we were planning a family summer vacation. Until last Wednesday night when everything changed with one phone call. Thank God my friend was visiting and there with me when I got that phone call.
Yesterday my mind reached another level of calm within the storm. We met another Surgeon, whom I feel very comfortable with. She put my mind at ease when she explained why we should do what we should do. She said that the other Doctor created something of a frenzy because I'm in a 1% group of people who get breast cancer while pregnant or post partum breast feeding. People get scared and worried more because we are rare. The mammographer said she's only seen a few of us in 15 years.
So after the Dr I felt even more empowered to overcome this. A friend said to me, "cancer who?". I am woman hear me roar.
Then the testing began. All day I was bouncing back and forth from building to building in the rain mind you. I had to fast all day except for drinking Barium sulfate. The funniest was the mammogram. She'd squish the breast and milk was squirting out.... Everywhere.
The only info I found out was from the radiographer on the ultrasound/mammogram. The mass is 4cm by 1.9 by 3.6. That's all I know. My great friend and mentor, who beat cancer 5 years ago, said to me that they're going to find spots but don't worry.
Today is busy too. Oncologist appt then genetic counseling. In two weeks I'll know of I have to get a mandatory mastectomy and possibly a hysterectomy if I have the mutated bracce gene. The oncologist will let me know what he thinks of the tests yesterday, if/what we need further tests for, and if my arm veins are good or if I'll need to have a port installed into my chest. There's no doubt that I'll be getting chemotherapy at some point.
Tomorrow is busy too. Another appt with another surgeon. MRI of the breast.
Friday is surgery to test and see if the lymph nodes have cancer in them.
Friends please be there for me. Help me to be strong. Help keep me positive. We will need a lot soon.


  1. These are tricky times, but once you know – you know. And from there you can start obliterating this thing. I know several women who were in your situation (diagnosed during pregnancy) and they are all fighting back and moving forward.

    One step at a time. That’s the way to get through.

    Feel free to visit our page if you ever have questions.

  2. My wife has cancer too.She is 37 years old she found the lump and off to hospital one test leads to another and one Doctor to the next.My prays go to you .Hope the baby is welland you have help in your time of need.I have been blessed meny times A frind came all the way from Califonia to help Thank God.Keep Your spirt lifted up all will be well in time