Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The weather is so beautiful right now. It's sunny, and I'm outside typing away. I wish it would stay this way. My son is napping peacefully inside. We had a fun morning except it was tough to leave the house. As I got ready, he came up completely naked. Why do kids do this?

The other day we had a pretty big scare. T was barely walking because something was wrong with his leg. In fact, he was crawling and avoiding walking. So I had to cancel a day at work just in case, we had to make a trip to the emergency room.

It's crazy how sick he's been for the past couple of months. He's now on his third antibiotic because on Wednesday the Dr said he still had an ear infection. He despises the meds regardless of the flavors added and occasionally pukes up all over the place. This was the scenario last night. Just as I was about to put him to bed, I gave him his medicine and blammo. Puke everywhere. Hopefully this weather will clear the germs.

I loathe the overuse of antibiotics and wish we didn't have to give them to him so much. One would think that a child who drank breast milk for the first 20 months of his life, would have a strong immune system. Not my little guy. Perhaps this bout of illness will kick his immune system into overdrive.

Today I signed up for a Transcendental Meditation seminar in my home town. I'm so excited. Yesterday while I was having some anxiety, I remembered that this was something I'd always wanted to learn. After searching the local TM office, I was happy to find a free class next week. This is certainly meant to be. So many inspiring and creative people, specially David Lynch, uses TM. After reading his book years ago, I'm finally going to learn what it's all about. More often than not, I have anxiety and let stress get to me. Hopefully, this practice will do wonders for me. Well that is if I can afford it. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow my mother and law and I will be making a soap base while my son naps (knock on wood). In six weeks after it cures, it'll be transformed into other specific soaps such as milk and honey in cute shapes and sizes for the Eco Darling Body Care Line. I'll be sure to make some for flavors for the Eco dudes out there too. I'm especially excited to make a shaving cream bar, but I have some time before it'll be ready.

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