Friday, April 22, 2011


That's the product of 7 days of brining, 2 hours of drying on a rack, and 3 hours of smoking late into the night. After falling asleep and not waking up from my 1:30am alarm, I jumped off the couch at 3am to remove the beloved bacon from it's cooking vessel. This morning was a delightful breakfast despite the extreme anxiety I had about overbooking myself once again.

Someday I will get the hang of it. Now that I'm on an appointment only schedule, I've still been packing the work to the hilt. However, I had a cancellation tomorrow and eased one of today's appointment's in the slot. Initially I had a smooth day planned, but put someone else in instead of my original appointment after receiving some terrible news from a client. I felt like I wanted to appease this client by putting her husband in since her health isn't good enough to get tattooed. So now all is good for this Good Friday Earth Day. Tomorrow should be just as smooth as well. After the past couple of crazy busy days of non stop tattooing and drawing, I'm now decompressing to a normal busy schedule instead of an insane one. Let this be a lesson to myself.

So now I can get ready for work in a normal fashion. Perhaps I can skip putting make up on at red lights. Tonight I will get home, begin the curing process of a fresh ham for feasting on Sunday. Oh yes, there will be quite a feast besides the visit of the Easter Bunny. My son will be so happy and full of candy yet another day, and we will have a couple of days of rest and family fun.

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