Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eco Darling updates

Life is busy as usual here at the compound. The soap wasn't made today due to rain. However, my MIL gave me some base soap from a batch she made that's already cured. It'll be milled into some nice shapes and flavors hopefully next week. Two weeks are needed for it to cure after that process, and then then Eco Darling will have soap available. Woohoo!

Last night many Bath "not" Bombs were crafted. Now you can purchase Serenity scented and tinted with beet powder, Vanilla with Sandalwood, and more Lavender Orange since we sold out of those. Facial grains exfoliating scrub with pink clay was made also. It may also double as a mask once a week. As a mask, this new concoction is for more normal to dry skin as opposed to our other facial grain scrub/mask, which is for normal to oily.

Today I finally got the hang of frosting the Bath Cupcakes, and they'll be ready to go for our first Eco Darling Soiree on Thursday night. They really look good enough to eat.

If you want an Easter basket for your special someone, please your orders in soon since it's right around the corner. I can make the Bath "not" Bombs in egg shapes for an extra charge, and also display them in cartons. Also we can use Easter inspired shapes for the Lotion Bars or soaps too. You'll just have to hurry with the soaps though due to the curing process. Mother's Day is coming up so don't forget about Eco Darling when shopping for your favorite mom.

If you want to host a party, please let me know. Just to let you know what is planned for a party, I'm going to write about it here. It's not all about looking and smelling what we have available, it's a full on audience participation spa party. We'll do a facial cleansing, a facial scrub/mask, toning, and using a cold creme. You can sample the lip conditioner too. Also we will be soak our hands in warm water with a sample Bath "not" Bombs fizzie or bath salts and then testing the body scrubs on our hands to simulate what these will be like for your whole body. Then you will be free to sample lotion bars, whipped body butter, and body butter. I will also bring information about the benefits of the ingredients used in the products. If you enjoy all natural body products, you will love this kind of party.

I'd love to share these great products with you. I assure you they will help create a wonderful bathing experience, and your glowing skin will shine for days after. So email me if you're interested, and we can schedule a time that most convenient for you.

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