Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A day in the life

The sound of electronic waves crashing from my son's sound machine fill the air of the house. All is pretty quiet here after a busy day off. The hubby was at work today so we ventured out to a local "farm" to decorate cookies with one of our play groups. The weather was poor so I invited everyone back to the house for an impromptu play date so the kids could interact. After everyone left, there was a time consuming tantrum and a battle to get him to nap. The hampster habitrails were cleaned during the crankiness. Finally he went down, and I got to shower for the first time in two days (or so). In retrospect, before kids there was so much freedom. Although, life is more fulfilling even though the terrible two's can make anyone go batty.

Tonight I got to escape and see Vanishing of the Bees at a local theatre. it was part of a film festival hosted by Whole Foods. The turn out was pretty bleak. Too bad since the film was very informative, and it validates that choosing Organic and local produce is the way to go. Call your congress people and speak your mind, folks. Bees are pretty darn important, and we could be in trouble if we keep up factory farming. We left soon after the next movie, Planeat, began. It was another food documentary trying to suggest eating mostly plant based protein diet and avoiding meat. I've had an overload of vegetarian propaganda lately so that didn't hold my interest.

Tomorrow begins a crazy four days of work. I have to draw most of the day, and tattoo at night. Thursdays seem to becoming a regular 12 hour day, and this week is no exception. Friday is jam packed 10 hr day as well as Saturday.

Somewhere in there, I'm going to have to smoke my cured pork belly to transform it into bacon. I guess that day will be tomorrow... Rain please don't come til later...

I'm pretty excited for this Holiday feast in which I'll be curing and cooking my first ham. If it fails, then we always have rabbit to back it up. I'm sure my family is beyond excited to eat the rabbit . Personally I can't wait to continue the tradition my great grandfather used to prepare rabbit for Easter every year.

Ok I just answered a bunch of work emails, and now I'm off to bed if I can sleep. For some reason the full moon is giving me insomnia. I'm feeling energized and free in a quiet house.

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