Sunday, April 10, 2011


Since few days ago, I've officially been alive for 33 years. The day before my husband and I celebrated at a sweet gastropub in Fishtown, Philadelphia called Kraftwork. Recently I've found out that it's a fave place to several of my clients. I highly suggest this place for a fancy dinner in a laid back atmosphere. If you like beer, there are several to choose from. If you like adventurous food, you will enjoy yourself. We were hooked up with some extra dishes compliments from Chef Brian. He rocked it out of the ballpark - oysters, goat cheese terrine, fried poached egg with frech green garbanzo beans in truffle oil. Only a couple of bites went into my actual entree, a pork belly sandwich on a hearty bread. yowza...

On my birthday, I worked at No Ka Oi for 12 hours. It took so much out of me, and I was toasted and not feeling well on Friday. The last couple of days I worked, but took it easy. The next two days are balls to the wall, and then I get a three day break from tattooing.

Although I have three days off from the shop, there is so much to do. With tax day looming over our heads and a spa party in which I'll be showing off my products, I'm hoping to get some relaxation in there some time.

Speaking of relaxation, I need some sleep. Good night to all, and I'm hoping my son sleeps in tomorrow.

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