Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Never ending

Cleaning is a never ending cycle here at our house. I have no idea how my house keeps on turning into a disaster area. Well.... actually we had people over here on Sunday and most complied with the "no shoes" rule. However, there is dirt everywhere from the kids coming in and out from the backyard. Not to mention the dogs aren't wiping their paws off when they come in and out. Yesterday on my day off I tackled the kitchen dishes, the mountain of laundry, and organizing my own clothing. It's still a disaster. Since I have to work today, I've been answering the endless emails for scheduling and rescheduling and printing out new pics for my portfolio. I don't know where to begin!

I wanted to make a better "cover up" section in my portfolio or a whole book in itself. However I've lost so many older photos due to the laziness of not backing the computers of the past up and losing many great pics. It's a bummer since I did win Best Cover Up at the Boston Tattoo Convention three years in a row. Here are some photos:

Even though they are't the most complicated or the award winning ones, I'm still pretty psyched to have them as examples in my books. It's about time I updated my portfolios.

On another note, where did Spring go? We had to go out and buy some summer clothing for Talon yesterday since it's now suddenly summer here in South Jersey. We also raided Bed Bath and Beyond with a stack of coupons in hand. Let me add that their coupons never actually expire and you can use Buy Buy Baby coupons there too. Plus you can use as many as you want. So we went home with some great frames, Steamer balls, a steamer, kitchen mitts, and a Bodum espresso maker from the clearance section. Score!

After shopping, my son had to have noodles so we stopped in a local Vietnamese restaurant. He commenced to embarass me twice here. First he was pointing to a group of guys and yelling "Bad Guys" over and over. Then when his food came out, it landed on the table causing a stink. He said "ew, Mommy farted!" over and over. I couldn't help but crack up at both of the incidences. That kid is a riot.

So now here I am finishing up laundry and wondering where to begin the cleaning and then drawing for one of my appointment's today. Let the craziness of the work week begin after a couple days off. I'm out!!

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