Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tonight on the Food Network at 10pm

Check out Robert Irvine's premier of Restaurant Impossible . You might be seeing our family on there. One of my mommy meetup groups was invited to participate. Earlier in the day we met for a play date at a local park where we were stormed by the crew with some samples of food. They did some interviews. Then later that night the parents got together for a night out. We were lucky to get reservations. It was chaos at it's best and sometimes worst.

What a crazy yet fun experience. Although our table got served somewhat in a reasonable time frame, our other group didn't get any food until two hours after ordering. It was insane. I won't go into too much detail so that I won't spoil the show. I'm curious to see how they portray the experience. The company was great, but the food was not worth the hefty prices they charged. Regardless I couldn't stop laughing because our table was on a roll. It was a great night that I'll never forget.

I hope you get to catch the show. Let me know what you think.


  1. i saw the show and thought it was neat i could imagine that it was crazy. i thought they portrayed the whole thing as a sucsess. but I wounder what it really was like? Natalie was telling me about the show so we watched it and thought it was good. how was it from your end?

  2. It was fun because we had great company. However our friends waited 2.5 hrs for their food. Let's just say that we haven't been back. The food was decent but it was so overpriced. The servers had no clue. Ours had ever even worked there before. So many people were lost. I can understand they've probably never been as busy as the ever had been so preparedness must be tough. A friend of mine said that she went there recently, and it was terrible. My husband heard rumors that Villari's was going to close down within a few months because they're still doing terribly. Perhaps this show will help them out, but they'll never servive if they can't produce good service and food.

  3. i found that alot of the places that go on these types of shows do end up closeing down cause its usually to late by the time they get on the show. but hopefully they will be ok.