Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy happy, Joy joy

Recently I've felt wholesomely well- physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Finally my spirits are overall positive. At first I thought it was an epiphany. While I don't want to disregard that completely, I had a realization yesterday that perhaps it's due to a combination of occurrences. Perhaps the prescription Vitamin D and the once a week 6 minute tanning sessions have restored my body to its required amount of said vitamin. Also my husband started his new job this week which he's enjoying immensely. In addition, I've been abstaining from alcohol since the past 11 days. Combine all of those practices, hanging around with some pretty darn good folks including my clients who've been so inspiring, reading daily meditations and some self reflecting literature, and BLAMMO... Happiness is achieved.

Most of my dreaming has been crazy too. Besides the other night when I woke myself and my husband up from growling, I've had some pretty spiritual and meaningful ones. This includes last night. It inspires me to begin a dream journal. Note to self: read positive writings before bed because it seems to induce pleasant dreams.

The only thing missing from my life is exercise. I won't go into any excuses except one. I don't have time, which is true if I don't make the time. Hubby gifted me with some "fitness pole" classes recently. Now I must make the time to go. This could possibly make my life complete. (Insert some sarcasm here)

I'm grateful for everyone in my life right now. It's astounding how many genuinely amazing and real folks I've been coming into contact with. Without getting too cheesy I'm going to carry on with my day. Talk to you all soon.

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