Thursday, January 13, 2011


The inclement weather and my family have persuaded me to cancel the trip up to the more frozen tundra that is Beverly, MA. They've urged me that my deficiency of Vitamin D should be telling me to take it easy and rejuvenate. Not to mention my car completely sucks in the snow white and black ice. Coupling the traffic conditions, 6 plus hour car ride there, fatigue,muscle, and bone pain, it was an easy decision. I just hope I don't ruin anyone's day. It would be easy if I have to work here in NJ. I can sleep on my bed at night, stretch, and exercise in the comfort of my own home. Then go to work the next day. On the road this is difficult to manage.

I suppose your body does tell you when to slow down, but I have a difficult time listening. For some time now, my schedule has been pedal to the metal so I thought the pains, aches, and low morale were reactions to a busy schedule. However, the pain has become more consistent as time passes. I've recently had so much discomfort in my back that I had to take a few days off. I had a difficult time walking, sitting, or laying down. Then last week I experienced a new hip pain after waking up. Then the lower side back pain came back. I feel like I need to be stretched and snapped back into place. I knew at that time, I was just off. My mind was saying "something is wrong with you". Finally I went for almost year overdue blood work, and I got the bad news.

Granted if the therapies will work, I'll be able to achieve super hero status once again. I'm just hoping it's not a problem with my body absorbing the vitamin. Then someone scared the crap out of me today and said her father ended up in the hospital for four months because he actually had a tumor on his thyroid. The bloodwork has also been showing antibodies determined to destroy the thyroid at some point. Now I want to frantically call my Dr and get some more tests done. I'm kind of freaking out, and this isn't helping my anxiety. Let's just hope that it was a fluke, and there's no other malady inside of me.

Perhaps I can learn a little lesson from this. The main person I should be worrying about is me. If I don't take care of my own needs, then I won't be able to do things for other people. Making people happy is what I live for. Balance in life can be difficult especially with financial burden I've been hit with in these tough economical times. I've been trying to make up for the discrepancy's and in return have become unhealthy and unhappy overall.

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