Thursday, January 20, 2011


In retrospect, today was spiritually motivating. However, it didn't exactly start off that way. Anger consumed me before work and on the drive over to Philadelphia. Somehow when I stepped into the shop, this all changed.

My shift began at 10am. I had two consults to start off the work day which went very well, and the pieces are exciting. My second client, a pastor and a caterer, brought my family and I a huge box filled with her culinary creations. She'd mentioned that after finding and reading this blog, she felt compelled to cook for us since we were having some difficult times and loved food. Admittedly, I got teary eyed when she walked in with the gift. She hooked us up big time. I can't wait to get to tattoo her and get to know more about her. Next I worked on a guy that reminded me that I needed to work on myself spiritually. We had a lot in common, both of us have been through some pretty rough turf. We listened to a song that I've heard a thousand times, but he broke it down and analyzed it in a way that I'd never thought. It inspired me that I've got some work to do on myself. The 5 o clock commute back home was calm and complacent.

Tonight I actually went to church. Although I have some qualms about religion, I do have beliefs. I'm a Unitarian Universalist, and I believe in the acknowledgment and respect of all religion. Anyway the experience I had in the church was uplifting. I walked out feeling confident that I can make it through these difficult times. Negativity has been bogging me down, but I felt a heavy weight lift off of my shoulder's after some prayer and meditation. It was a reminder how important it is to repeat my mantras on a regular basis, and it's ok to ask for help from a higher power. This is the tough part because I'm such a passionate person. My emotions tend to win me over. Presently on this pink cloud, I'll relish in the refreshing feelings of relief. Maybe a new tattoo to remind me of this should be etched into my skin.

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  1. I have been thinking a lot about joining my local UU church, it keeps coming up in my life some how. And I agree with you that as much as I have my qualms about religion, I do believe that there is a place for everyone's beliefs. thanks for inspiring me to do something love <3