Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan 4, 2011

Yesterday was the first day without a binky for my 29 month old son. It's been way overdue. Hubby was supposed to attempt the battle during my guest spot in Orlando, however they both got sick. After a couple of days of tremendous tantrums, we've had it! It's supposed to pacify his moods, and now he was freaking out for it.

Day one was tough especially in the morning. It seemed our son broke the world record for the longest tantrum. The day went by with what we thought no nap until finally I rocked him to sleep. Unfortunately the nap only lasted barely an hour with him soaking the bed. With every good comes something bad or however that goes, but we're praying that his nap isn't obliterated yet. Nap time is precious whether or not we nap with him from exhaustion or have some time cleaning or simply to ourselves. Last night he didn't fall asleep until about 9:30pm which is in an hour past his usual bedtime. However there wasn't much fuss or crying for the binky. On the other hand, he did wake p several times last night. Certainly there are two people who are going to live the day as zombies. Although I know my husband is sleeping in bed while Talon watches one of his fave movies, Astro Boy. My plan was to not give the paci at all until a nurse at the hospital said that he'd suck his thumb and screw up his teeth. It seems like his teeth have a significant space in the middle of it, but we'll never know if it's caused by the sucker or genetics. I still wish we never gave it to him at all.

Today is going to be rough. Early this morning at 7am, I had to go and get some blood work done especially to check my thyroid. I'm kind of screwed genetically in that department since my father and mother's gene pool both include different types of thyroid disease. Unfortunately, I seem to be predisposed to the under active thyroid causing me to gain weight. Over a year ago, I showed an antibody that could possibly attack my thyroid causing it not to work. I also slacked on getting it retested until now, a mere 9 months overdue and after some significant weight gain. Then I'm scheduled to work at Body Graphics in Pennsauken, NJ from 12 - 10pm. Worry is settling over me since there are no appointments in my book today. I might not make any money since this shop isn't especially known to be a hight traffic walk in shop. However, I'll bring plenty to do including some drawings for upcoming tattoos. I know some of my clients are on their toes waiting for drawing previews so I should be able to appease them after some QT drawing. Besides tomorrow off, I have a pretty busy work week.

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