Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My son has skills. We went to Chinatown last night for dinner after getting our hair cut. He's not even 2 and a half yet, and insisted on using chop sticks. That's better than my husband who's in his late thirties. He's also potty trained fully now for a month or so. We started before he was 2 with the pee pee, and gradually worked his way into always wearing underwear or pull ups. However he's been pull up free except for night time and some naps. While he's still having accidents during sleep times, he's been refusing to wear the diaper. I don't blame him. However, the mess isn't that fun.

Today I got sucked into covering for a coworker of mine. I was already coming in for an appointment, but otherwise it's been dead. I've been drawing since early this morning, and I still have plenty more to do. It's crazy how much time I spend on drawing these elaborate custom pieces. Some are easier than others. For instance, I've been putting together some organic/ biomechanical art for my client on Saturday. I can't tell you how many times I've redrawn it. It has to be perfect! Not to mention that there are several cover ups in the sleeve so it makes it more complicated. I suppose the more I draw it, the better it'll get. An artists mind is rarely completely satisfied with the outcome. We can always look back and see what we'd do differently. I suppose that's bittersweet. Here's what I've refined today, but the drawing will be refined yet again due to a coworker's critique. It's all good!

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