Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pink eye

Since this past Wednesday morning, Pink Eye has been plaguing me. First it began with redness in the left eye. Then it slowly progressed into a red, painful and mucous mess. On Thursday I went to the Dr's where she told me to use black tea bags on it and call her the next day to see if I should be prescribed antibiotics. She doesn't just like to dish them out at the drop of a hat, and I like that about her. However, I didn't call her on Friday because I thought it looked somewhat better yet still contagious even though I still had the persistent head aches and sore throat. Here it's Sunday morning, and I can't work... again. The eyes look as horrible as ever. I started using some drops after chatting with the Dr again via the emergency line at 8am. I'm really starting to feel somewhat useless and bored. I'm so angry because I got sick only about a month ago with a horrible respiratory infection.

I really need to kick start my immune system and get back to good health. I feel like I eat healthy, but I guess not healthy enough. I also did quite a bit of exercising this week, and then boom... Sick again. I can't seem to win.

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