Monday, August 9, 2010

Brithday Celebrations Day 2

What a crazy weekend it's been. Saturday we saw the Phillies. It was a great time, however, we got home extremely late around 1am. I woke up on Sunday, August 8th with a raging hangover that lasted all day until I finally retired around 10pm. Mind you, there were endless tasks to complete yesterday since it was my son's second birthday. We had a family party to plan for, and of course it was my idea to make just about everything home made. The menu included two different salsas, smoked brisket, sausage, chicken and ribs, 2 decorated Monkey cakes and almost 50 monkey cupcakes, dip, iced tea, potato salad, and cole slaw. I'm not sure if I'm leaving anything out.

Today is the kids party. Thankfully we're ordering pizza out, and the baking is done. The urge is there to start whipping up miscellaneous things for everyone to eat. It's in my nature to nurture so I think that making a ton of stuff is the way to go. Now I can fully relate to how people who work in the kitchen feel. What a crazy job. Kudos to you all! Really, I need to relax. So after I jump up off of this computer, I'm going to try and chill for a bit before the craziness begins again. Everyone is napping so I'm going to take full advantage.

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