Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Becoming green

Certain thoughts permeate in my head over and over again. One of my main worries has always been the environment, and how we're altering it from being a suitable place for the present life here into a less compatible one. Everyday I try to think of ways that I can lessen my family's carbon foot print. How can I consume less energy, recycle more, waste less, and pollute less.

One of my proudest "act local" global deed is belonging to a CSA. We purchase a share of vegetables that comes during a 10 week period through the summer. The produce is grown about 50 miles from here on Organic farms. So we pick up a grocery sized bag every week, and then figure out how to use it all. This is the biggest challenge although I enjoy being given ingredients and getting creative with them to make an enjoyable dish. It's especially tough since we're acquiring most of the same vegetables every week with a gradual change. I suppose this is due to what's local and what's in season. Mostly I like it, but unfortunately Kale has been in the mix every single week. Mostly it goes to waste. I tried putting it in Zucchini fritters. I cooked up Kale chips. The best thing I've used it in and thought was ok was in a fruit smoothie in the morning. Otherwise, I'm out of luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated for this Kale unfriendly family.


  1. I think my mother makes a salad from it. If I am not mistaken, is like cabbage and she steams it, adds corn kernels and fresh cheese (spanish cheese) olive oil and salt. I am going to double check with her...