Sunday, July 8, 2012

My adventure

While pondering my cancer eviction plan, for some reason I think about those "choose your own adventure" books I read as a child. Remember those? I loved reading those books when I was a kid. I loved making them last as long as possible. There's never one single solution in life. There are many answers. It's time to chose my adventure, but I can't turn the pages back once a decision I'd made. Now I just have to figure out the best possible choices to extend my life.

Many times I've questioned the plan. Regardless we're sticking to it. The cancer is aggressive and it's a triple negative cancer so only chemo and or radiation will kill it. That means no other medicines or treatments have been developed to kill this type of cancer. We're going to beat this bitch the conventional way and seal the eviction notice with a strict diet, meditation and some hard core praying.


My first instinct about diet was to go completely vegan. I'd recently seen "Forks with Knives" and for some reason just knew that cutting out all animal products was a good idea. Of course all organic food would be consumed. Sugar and gluten are no no's. Little did I know that fruit would also need to be cut, and no salt too. I have to eat as much raw foods, about 50- 80%, and as little oil as possible. Only cold pressed oils such as olive oil, flax, and coconut. It's time consuming cooking raw and sprouting. Its best to eat to order and not have raw food leftovers. It oxidizes and just gets gross so you prepare each meal to order. No to mention the clean up is a chore in itself because you're using a juicer, food processors, food mill, blender, immersion blender, julienne slicer, etc etc.

This diet is difficult and boring at times. It's certainly not satisfying in a comforting way. Not one bit. But it's healthy, and it will be good for my body to detox. In one month, I lost 16 lbs. If I was detoxed then perhaps these cells wouldn't have gone awry and became cancer in the first place.

The diet might change during chemotherapy, therefore I plan to see a naturopathic Dr asap so I can conspire about the cancer evicting diet during chemo. It might change as I research more. Time will tell. I need someone to test my blood and see what I need to fix. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated for local to South Jersey, Princeton area, Philly or Pa.

Let's clear up what I do eat because some people don't know. If it's green, I eat it. Beans, nuts, and most vegetables. Whole grains like Brown rice and quinoa although I have to limit those. Sprouted seeds and beans. Salads and vegetable juices are my best friends.

These are the most difficult decisions that I've been faced with my entire life. Even though I second guess myself, I think my mind is made up; Surgery in 3 days. Chemo in 4 weeks for 16 weeks. Then possible radiation after that. Reconstruction after it's all said and done.

I'm going to beat this and see my kids grow up. The fun has just begun with my family. It's time to turn the page onto the next chapter.


  1. All the best to you, Tegan! You got this.

  2. Your determination is your best asset in beating that cancer. For gluten free bread, I’ve found nothing that can beat the Udi’s brand. It’s 100% delish. Chemo certainly is a challenge in terms of eating healthy . . . but I reckon it’s largely about preparation. If you have some food ready for both meals and snacks you should be covered. Personally the hunger pangs came quickly and randomly – so having some premade snacks was essential.

    We have some chemo tips at Please feel free to add whatever you find helps.

  3. I will pray for you everyday. You are on the right path, I just know it.

    Good thoughts coming your way..


  4. No doubt you will kick this fuckers ass and will show cancer that the last person to mess with is a mom of 2 young kids....we are a pretty tough breed and you dont fuck with a mamma bear...kick some ass tegan...prayers are with u.

    1. Sorry for the language but really really hate just seems to be everywhere and its pissing me off....enough already

  5. This is so heartbreaking Tegan. Praying for you and your family, and sending you healing vibes.