Friday, July 13, 2012

F#ck cancer

This is the first picture of me without my breasts. They served me well for 34 years. They were multi-purposeful. They had an adventurous fulfilling life.

In my youngers years, they seemed to attract the eyes of people so much that they would shift stares from my eyes to my breast repeatedly. In middle school, annoying hormonal boys would taunt me because I had a well endowed chest. Then were pierced at age 17 illegally.
In my early twenties they saw many a nude beach in the Virgin Islands. They were drawn by aspiring figure artists to help pay for my own figure drawing group dues. They were artfully photographed, framed, and displayed in an art show in Portland, ME.
In my mid twenties, they were tattooed with Oni Japanses masks. The clothed, tattooed breasts were in featured in many tattoo magazines
to model the beautiful artwork.
Then in my thirties, they were used to feed my babies. They fed those babies well. Lactation was one things those breasts were great at. But the cancer grew in the right one, and I opted to take them both together for symmetry purpose and less of a chance for growing the cancer in the other side. They would go together like Thelma and Louise.

Thelma: Let's keep goin'!
Louise: What d'you mean?
Thelma: Go. [nods ahead of them]
Louise: You sure?
Thelma: Yeah.


  1. Dear Tegan, you dont know me but i was moved by your blog and wanted to offer any help I can. I have applied to your community on lotsahelpinghands and while I am waiting to hear back I just wanted to let you know my prayers are with you. In my 34 years I have seen many family and friends both defeated and victorious in their own battles with cancer. Cancer invaided my life when it took my dad from me at age 6. This is a fight you can and will win Tegan. From what I have read in your blog you are a fighter with a strong spirit, it also sounds like you have alot of love and support in your life to draw strength from. You can beat family will be praying for you and yours. Laura Walsh

  2. Tegan,
    You are a brave woman - full of life, filled with vigor! Your passion runs deep and will help in this time of need. You keep those fingers pointing! You are taking care of business for the mom you are. For their sake. For YOUR sake! You are an artist, and exquisite soul! Your husband has your back and loves you to your core! I am so happy you are finding raw a few doors down! Juice it, sprout it, ferment it - you are the winner in this! You are strong and able! You are beautiful every which way you sculpt your body! You have teams of people who only wish good healing things for you! You want it for yourself and that is the key! With that said, I too am sending thoughts of healing and peace your way. The journey may seem long, You fight for the right of health - you go girl!!!! XO Ashley (Busy Bee/Swanky Babble

  3. Tegan,

    I know that like so many, we only spent a brief moment of time together (in a tattoo parlor in Saugus), but, I always remember you, I have often thought of you, and have been waiting for the day that you get to finish my favorite tattoo. You are a person that people remember. You have a beautiful spirit. My son saw a post from you a few days ago while we were on Facebook, and he remembers you as well. He was with me during one of my sessions. I told him what you were going through and he wanted me to tell you that he's thinking of you as well.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that when I first found out what you were going through, I was inspired to make myself a doctor's appointment and have myself checked. I'm 35 and have 2 boys, and I've been slacking when it comes to my breast health. You made me see how important life is, and for that I thank you. I have done 4 research papers on breast cancer in that last 6 months, but have learned more from your blogs and posts than any book can teach me. So, thank you. ~Sandy

  4. erin landry freemanJuly 14, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    im so sorry to hear about you and your fight with cancer...i remember you when we were kids before you even have those boobs of were beautiful then and even more beautiful now...good luck and god bless...erin