Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last week was insanely busy as usual. I really felt it in my hands and wrists since everyday since Saturday, I've woken up with numb hands through the night and into the morning. I must get the braces! That's today's mission for sure.

Here's some pieces I worked on last week. The first one here is finally completed after an unknown amount of hours put into it.

Here is a cover up of a bad tattoo then a botched laser treatment. They scarred her up big time! She will most likely need a touch up session on the scarred area in a few months. Research your laser technicians, folks. Not everyone is good at what they do. Get personal references, before and after pics, and see what the state requires for licensing (if any!!!). Some states don't require anything and anyone can perform laser treatment without any training!! This is so scary!!!

This is an add on to another existing. I love floral and plant life so i can't wait to get some more work in on this.

Pardon the photography skills since the pic came out terrible because of poor lighting. This was a fun and quick project of only 6 hours or less. However, it's a cover up and we'll be going back in there in a month or two to add some more shading on top

This week will be a short work week. I have to work tonight through Friday, and then I have four consecutive days off. I'm so happy I could burst!!!

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