Thursday, June 30, 2011

The End is Near

Day four of my guest trip up to MA, and once again I can't sleep in past the 5 o clock hour. I was unable to get everyone in this time around. As usual there are too many people to tattoo, so little time. I'm considering adding another guest spot in September, but I' have no idea how I'll feel then. I'll be in the end of the second trimester of pregnancy during that month.

These guest spots are few and far between nowadays with a growing family. People who have traveled to me are going to get first choice for appointments when I'm up here. If you decide to come and visit from New England to NJ or have traveled to another spot out of the region to get tattooed by me, you will be rewarded with this. Please consider making a trip down there. It's only an hour and a half drive or less from NYC on good travel times, which I can inform you about if you ask. I have availability in Philadelphia also which is a huge center of culture and history of this country. It's only an hour a from Atlantic City, too. Or you can do what I did when my first son was born, go down and back up in one day. I've made the trip so many times over the years, it's your turn if you haven't made it down.

Perhaps when my children get older, they can travel with me for work. I dream of having an RV, and they can camp and explore an area while I tattoo. Now this won't be for many years, but someday perhaps this can happen.

UPDATE: Now after writing this I've broken out with a rash all over my face and neck that's swollen and itchy. Maybe I'm not having a good day anymore....

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