Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Copious new tattoo pics

Don't hate on this tattoo just because it isn't Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, or Jimi Hendrix...

It's NKOTB from their last album that came out a few years ago. The young lady who wears this tattoo is now a cruise with them somewhere in the Caribbean. She is a die hard fan (obviously). We put on the outline in grey quick passes during one session. Then the shading on each portrait was done at each session, except we shaded Joey and Danny at the same time. She sat like a champ, too. I'm sure she would've been fine with two at a time, but she preferred it that way. This pic was after a touch up session that I usually offer to people after the tattoo is healed so that I can go back and tighten up the piece. I can't wait to see it healed. We'll be adding more to the rest of her back to complete it as one large, flowing piece.

This one was done over several sessions. The first was to get the stencil on. I used carbon stenciling and also freehanded some of the design on with pen since it was a partial cover up and add to triple XXX's. There is some thick black design hidden underneath the vines next to each side of the x's. Then we did the whole outline in one session. She came back 2 (or 3 I can't remember) to add color and viola!!

This pic was after the second session. On the first, we put on the stencil, freehanded some parts, and then tattooed in the outline. During the second session, we shaded the background and maple leaves. We have a little more outline to do on the inside arm, but I wanted to make sure he wanted a severed head before I put the time in drawing it.

This Mayan deity, the Quetzalcoatl, was tattooed in two sessions on this genteleman's back. First was a couple of hours outlining, and the second we shaded the whole piece in. He's also a champ in my book.

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