Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back home

This week flew by, and I'm feeling it. 10 - 12 hours of work a day tattooing for the past 5 days has taken its toll on me. There wasn't much time to break either. The physical side effects are surely annoying since now I have some down time. My hands are intermittently numb and my lower back is having sciatica nerve pain. Awesome...

It also seems as if "baby brain" has kicked in right in time for this trip. I left my laptop at the security check point in Philly on the way out. On the way back, I discovered that my black, lining ink bottle had leaked ALL over my equipment and travel case and the shuttle driver who helped me pick it up. I ended up leaving my cell phone on the shuttle because I was in such a tizzy. Certainly this is a sign from up above that after the next trip up to Massachusetts at the end of June, I'm done with traveling for some time.

Now let's see if I can stick with that. My career in this industry just had it's 15 year anniversary, and I've been traveling since 1999. I deserve a break. Not to mention I'm pregnant with our second child. Nuff said...

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