Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sometimes we fail

Well I think the bath cakes were a fail unless you don't mind relaxing in a multi level plethora of chunkiness. I assumed that these cakes would dissolve completely. Maybe they do in certain conditions? Regardless, I'm giving away the cakes. If anyone wants one, please let me know by commenting on this blog. I will be working at NJ Body Graphics this Friday and Saturday and No Ka Oi in Philly Wed night, Thursday, and Sunday if you want to pick them up. There is a citrus blend and Serenity small french clay cakes up for grabs. You must agree to let me know what you thought honestly. You can send me an email on this one unless you absolutely love them! If some people might like taking a bath in the chunkiness of oils and essential oils, I'd like to know.

Never ever give up. Therefore we try again using alternate ingredients. On this round we even have icing, my friends. They're fizzy, and smell more yummy than the other cakes. We used one this morning with great success. The first batch is not the best looking cupcakes and icing job, since I'm not the greatest with cake decorating. However, we'll be perfecting the technique.

There are also some new additions to the bath fizzy family. Guilt free Chocolate ice cream Fizzies are curing now. Vanilla will be on its way once the Chocolate ice cream's have made it through testing.

Even though the fails get me down, I'm happy with the Body scrubs, lip conditioner, Uplifting Body Butter, Rosewater Jojoba Cold Creme, Almond Grains Facial Scrub/ Mask, regular bath fizzies, and the heart shaped lotion bars. We have two parties coming up starting next week, and I'm pretty excited to show off these products to my friends. My hopes are up for the Guilt free bath desserts, though. We shall see. I know I'll get it eventually,

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