Saturday, March 26, 2011

The energizer bunny

Yesterday I was at No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo in Philly for 12.5 hours. It was a long day without many breaks, but fun work was done. An alien abduction outer half sleeve, owl with a full moon on a gnarly tree half sleeve, and a dog portrait. I can't wait to finish these pieces. Actually the dog is finished, but I need a better pic.

Today was an emotional roller coaster. We decided to bring T back to the Dr since he was unconsolable the other day, not eating for a bit now, and hacking up a lung again since Saturday. Josh actually took him to the office while I attempted to shop at The Kids Consignment weekend event. After filling a bag, I put everything back when I saw the length of the line. Insert sad face. There really are a lot of great deals on used clothing there, but I couldn't wait. Then I hopped over to BJ's to get some bulk items for the family - Amy's bean burritos, All free and clear laundry liquid, and large bags of Organic mixed frozen berries for smoothies amongst other things. After I did all of that, I stopped by the Dr's since they were still there. Can you believe it?! Talon has a respiratory infection again (or just didn't get rid of it) or asthma and a double ear infection. Therefore, he's back on antibiotics, and has to have nebulizer treatments at home. I hate working when he's sick, but at least there were more fun pieces to do today.

After getting 90% of all the drawing done for today at home, I headed to Body Graphics in NJ. I was busy from the moment I got in to the moment I left. One of my clients today brought in a ridiculous amount of meat for my family and I. I'm proud to announce that the freezer is officially full from that and the trek to the Wholesale club this morning. On my way home, I heard some extremely sad news that inspired me to write even though I should be drawing for tomorrow.

Wait it IS tomorrow.... I need to get this out and get to bed. I've decided to wake up extremely early to draw since right now my eyes are getting heavy.

The news reminded me to love your loved ones, family and friends, as much and as often as you can. They need to be put first because one minute they're there and the next minute that could change when you least expect it. It's something I constantly battle with since my blood is scattered about the country, however Josh's family is right here in South Jersey yet I rarely see them because I work so much. This week a big effort was made to see some people I care about. We had dinner with my husband's brother, wife, and kids. Talon and I spent some QT alone and with friends at the Aquarium. Having three days off in a row is something I'm going to try and stick with.

Next week, I'm hoping for more of the same. My happiness can depend on making other people happy. I show my love by expressing myself creatively in hopes to make people happy whether it be by tattooing them, cooking up a healthy yet tasty gourmet meal, and sharing all natural body products. This week I'll be showing off my body products to a group of people for the first time. I'm so grateful to meet such interesting and generous people whether they're in my life for short or long amounts of time. I'm not perfect, maybe I don't always express myself in a loving way every minute of the day. Regardless, I really do care.

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