Monday, March 14, 2011

Eco Darling update

Spring is in the air. Soon we'll all be bearing some more skin so make sure it's looking good! Book your own Eco Darling Soiree so you can experience these luxurious yet eco friendly products yourself.

New packages have arrived containing materials to make new body products. We received some "new to me" high quality oils and essential oils, and now all of our butters are Organic. We also acquired some local unrefined beeswax from a Beekeeper in Bucks County, PA that I have to refine myself. I'm actually excited about this. Creating these products is such a Zen experience and using them is too.

What a fulfilling yet expensive hobby this has become. Although last week sales were made, I'm hoping there are more to come. Every cent of the profits are going right back into the purchase of more materials. Soon we hope to have enough to acquire our own personalized jars and for now. I'd personally like to stay as paperless as possible so I've been emailing ingredient labels, detailed instructions, and other tidbits of info.

As far as new products, there will be some new additions to the list. The Body Butter will be made available again in different scents and with a longer shelf life due to the power antioxidants. Lip balm is in the works also. I'm going to start experimenting with day facial moisturizers since the Cold Creme is certainly a night time product. Despite the fact that I personally use the Rosewater Jojoba Cold Creme every morning with great results. My skin is glowing, and I hardly wear that much make up anymore. There will be some fragrant free products for those of you who prefer unscented. The plan is to make small batches of products until they run out to keep everything fresh. The shelf life of some of our products such as the Rosewater Jojoba Cold Creme and Uplifting Body Butter will have a 3 - 6 month shelf life unless you keep it in the fridge.

We're so happy to have gotten several great comments on our facebook page. Keep it coming! If you have any questions or requests, you can always post on the page or email me directly at

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