Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here come the complaints. No need to read on unless you want to feast your eyes on whining. Perhaps you'll hear the tiniest violin playing in the back ground. If you're lucky I'll end with something other than complaints.

This is the story of my life. My son and husband are sick, and my husband has been working the graveyard shift for the past two nights. All night I was mommy nurse with a spider monkey attached to my back or arm. Through broken sleep, I've given medication, been puked and snotted on, been a full service butler.

I'm so tired, and overworked. I haven't had two days off in a row for some time. I'm not sure when that will ever happen again. On one of my day off, Friday, I drew from 7 pm to 12:30am. Then woke up at 5am due to sick toddler and drew from 6 am - 12pm. Despite the hours of drawing on my "time off", I'm still not caught up with all of my homework. I have tomorrow off, but now all of our fun day plans are null and voided due to T's illness. We missed a birthday party yesterday morning we were really looking forward to. Not to mention, I still have hours of home work to do. I have some pretty exciting stuff to work on, yet it can be grueling. Not to mention it's exhausting. This week if I make a grand total of hours worked including "homework" and answering email, I'm sure it'll add up to around 60 hrs.

Without my fun this week, I would have sunk. On Monday, my hubby let me out to get a manicire, pedicure, and a massage. On Tuesday before work I mixed a bunch of different scents of the Eco Darling Scrub, and I experimented with developing a body butter. It was so creamy when I finsihed yet it hardened thus why it's called body butter. I love it, but I hope to try to tweak it so it's either a body lotion bar or a creamy lotion. On Thursday after work, I took a pole fitness class. This was exceptionally fun yet I got a great work out and was sore for two days. heck, I was sore leaving the place. I was the only person in the class yet the cost was still the same price of a group class. Those are my wins of the week. Well besides I got to work on some pretty fun pieces. I can't wait to finish them. Hopefully I 'll be able to get some fancy and professional healed pics too. (Hint hint!)

Many thanks to my client yesterday who drove 5 hours to get tattooed by me. I really appreciated that he could reciprocate, and take the trip. I've been up to New England countless times over the past 2 and a half years. It's quite difficult to escape right now whether it's due to inclement weather or health. Now that my husband is employed again, and our schedules our hectic, it's almost impossible.

Anyway here is one piece that I worked on this week that made me especially happy.

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