Friday, October 5, 2012

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

We did it. My little friend, Regan, and wonderful hairstylist, Audrey, buzzed the rest of my hair off. Talon had his done first, and then Josh did his afterwards. We spared Joslyn from the shaving party since she already has a short cut. We all match. It was a nice "head shaving party". What a relief since it's been killing me. When you lose your hair from chemo, it hurts. This started happening to me on Sunday. The little kamikaze hairs jumped ship and we're slowly slipping out of the follicules. There was an urge to run my fingers through it to pull it out. It was worse than having a healing, itchy tattoo with flakes of skin coming off of it. It was beyond a tingling, tickling sensation. Now I look like I'm ready for boot camp.

My hair is so thick that no one said they noticed I was losing it, but I can. Normally you wouldn't be able to see my scalp… ever. Not even in a part on my head. That's how much hair I usually have. Now it's Friday, and it's still coming out with a vengeance. It's getting patchy and noticeable so yesterday I got a wig from Martino Cartier Salon in Washington Township, NJ. You might remember that I wrote about him before in a previous blog. He was on Tabitha's Salon Takeover. He started the Friends are by your Side charity that gives hair services, wigs, and extensions to cancer patients. There are approximately 500 participating salon's around the country. He thinks there should be more, and so do I. If you own a salon and want to participate, please go to the link for more information. I love the wig. It's so natural, and now I can rock a feminine look if I want to .

In more hair news, Audrey, the stylist that shaved my head, is running a fundraiser to benefit our family at the salon she works at in Philadelphia called Volume Hair Studio in Rittenhouse Square. She's doing PINK hair extensions in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the proceeds will help to pay off our debt incurred from medical bills and other expenses due to the breast cancer surgery and treatment. Please call ahead to book your appointments She books up fast especially during the weekends.


  1. T- you are GORGEOUS & RADIANT; if anyone can rock the buzzed look beautifully, I KNOW it is you.

    Be comfortable, and take care of you..

    Love you, and miss you.

    1. Thanks dahling!! i rock it when I go out into public. It feels great!!

  2. The wig is amazing - looks absolutly natural and the cut is quite flattering; You look great. I'm so glad to hear you had that circle of support as you cut away the hair. That's a big day, no doubt.


  3. That does not look like a wig! It looks very natural and you look great.

  4. I honestly did not know if that was your hair untill I read the blog,it looks great and so natural,I would rock that wig for fun,I have a few hair pieces cause I accidentally ended up with a short hair cut,long story,I miss my long hair,but i'll rock a wig in honor of you Tegan,cause it looks great!