Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One down, 7 to go

The First round of chemo went well yesterday besides a slight reaction in my vein so we changed to another one. Afterwards I was tired and slightly nauseous despite all of the nausea meds and steroids.
I have to go back to UPenn to get a Neulasta shot today. This will cause my bones to produce an abundance of WBC's. Because the chemo drugs kill all rapid growing cells in the body, these include cancer cells, and other things like hair cells, gi tract, mouth cells, WBC, hemoglobin, and platelets etc. The Drs want to keep my white blood cells up because of they're too low than I can catch a cold and it will effect me more than a healthy person. It could be potentially deadly.
This year my body has been through havoc after havoc. I've lose a lot of blood this year with the birth of my baby, mastitis with abscesses, 3 separate procedures to aspirate, a breast biopsy, 2 major surgeries, and 1 small surgery besides that. I've been on antibiotics during labor, post partum for mastitis, after bilateral mastectomy, on IV antibiotics during another 6 day bout in the hospital due to a surgical infection in the left, elective side, a strong antibiotic that prohibited many foods and turned my tongue and teeth brown. Thankfully most came off with a vigorous professional cleaning, but I'll be back to see if they can get it all out after treatment is through) ). I'm on yet another antibiotic during the whole chemotherapy to make sure that the infection doesn't come back inside of my breast. My body has been through a LOT this year to say the least. This coming from someone who didn't have health insurance up until I turned 30 years old. Thank God for my husbands insurance.

The list of side effects are staggering. From the neulasta the side effects will be symptomatic like the flu in which your bones with ache and become sore from working over time to produce more white blood cells that the chemo kills. There are more long term effects like bones density loss. Thinking about the impending chemo side effects is enough to make
me go insane.
I'm bringing out the secret weapons in my arsenal to reverse these side effects and let the medicine kill the miscellaneous cancer cells that might have snuck out under the radar and into my body. That's it though. I've been using medidtaion, prayer and EFT to help counteract these side effects. You must check out EFT. It isn't very foods new age. It actually seems very scientific, and I suggest googling it or checking out some videos on
I'm a different person today. Maybe blame it on the Ativan (anti anxiety anti nausea they give you on chemo). I'm kidding. During the second hospitalization I really hit a bottom. I was poked and prodded so much. I felt like a pincushion. My veins were swollen and blown out from Iv's going bad. They'd take my blood every night at 12:30 when all I wanted to do was sleep. I felt defeated when I found out the expander on the left, elective side had to be replaced. I saw my kids once in 6 days. It was a
miserable existence.
Since being out of there, I can see the beauty in the small things. Nothing is worth stressing out over anymore. I believe that stress is a major factor in disease. It trumps diet, exercise, and supplements. You can't stress. I hear people whine and bitch over little things and think 'I wish I had that problem!'. Don't get me wrong, I love trying to help people moreso now.

Here are some side effects and the medicines I'll be taking:

First round 4 weeks every two weeks: (start date 9/10)
Adriamycin aka the red devil side effects decrease of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, hair loss, mouth sores, nail changes, discolored urine, severe sunburn with sun exposure

Cytoxan;decrease of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, mouth sores, decreased appetite, taste changes, hair loss or thinning, changes in menstrual cycle, bladder irritation, nasal congestion

The second round of 4 weeks every other week starting week 8:
Taxol Side Effects: decrease of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, allergic-like reaction, numbness and/or tingling to fingers and toes, muscle aches, bone pain, mouth sores, hair loss, diarrhea

So I'm banking on the EFT to help me. If you want to send prayers and Reiki, I'm done for that too. Please take time for yourself daily and don't stress.

Love and light,

The medicine goes in:
Meanwhile it's Talon's first day of preschool. I couldn't drive him or pick him up, but I did get to photographs that ham.

My hubby and I made it out for a date night before chemo began. The alst time we made it out alone was 4 months ago!!

My little girl loves to swing. She's my little Angel.


  1. I used to have panic attacks when my stress levels were off the charts and that was hard. It took me a long time to find a way to work out of not letting my body spiral into that area and try to beat the panic attack before it set in. You have dealt with a ton of hurdles this year and it's hard, but least you still get to cuddle your hubby and see the beautiful smiles of your children. This too shall pass. xoxoxo

  2. You will kick this too, T. You have overcome EVERY obstacle to date in your life. This is NO DIFFERENT. You have a tenacity and fortitude that will not let you down, no matter what challenge presents itself. Unfortunately, as heavy as the side effects are with chemo, the "big gun" medicines are necessary right now to overcome this obstacle. Continue to control what you can control. Follow what recommendations they have regarding side effect minimization; they are the experts that deal with this disease daily. I firmly believe and agree with you that you need to have an inner harmony to help stabilize and push on. Stress is not welcome here. Reiki and EFT seem like two great additions to your care. Always remember that your family and friends will be there to lift you up and give you that extra "OOMPH" on those particularly low days. I'm always here for you; reach out and I'll be there. Love you, and praying for you. Stay strong.