Sunday, April 29, 2012

Triangles for days

What... a.... week. I might only be at the shop 2 full days and 1-2 nights physically, but that isn't where all the magic happens. It comes home with me too. Thankfully today is a day of rest even though there are drawings due next week that are haunting me. But today I'm spending some fun time with the kids and catching up on household chores. After 3 days of me working, hubby deserves some time out. Hence it'll be a long day for me and the kiddos.
I woke up early in the morning as usual and just noticed that my eyes are completely blood shot. Now this could be the beginnings of pink eye, allergies, or perhaps it's due to the lack of sleep. The night before I barely slept and was up at 3 am to draw for my days appointment. Another drawing for Friday took nearly 12 hrs, and that's all I had time for besides juggling the domestic duties, an infant and preschooler. So I woke up at 3am to draw and was at the shop for almost 12 hours yesterday. Thankfully I have so much energy.
I had 5 consultations for new work, and tattooed for 6 hours... I'm so stoked on the new upcoming work. My client asked me if was anything good, and honestly it's ALL good. I'm so lucky that all of my clients have great ideas that I'm into. Tattooing has been good to me.
May 1st is my sweet 16. 16 years since the first time I ever picked up and used a tattoo machine. That's in two days. I'm making myself a cake.

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