Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tattoo Etiquette Lesson 1: Previewing designs UPDATE

I'm not sending any more designs via email unless I'm paid in full as a graphic artist for a one of a kind custom piece.

My thoughts were confirmed today when the person who stole my design and got it tattooed "cheaper" somewhere else emailed me again today. Despite my email telling him that it wasn't cool that he did that because he only left a small deposit that didn't sufficiently pay me for an original design, he asked me to draw him another design for a small and insufficient fee. After reading my response, I now hope he understands what he did was wrong. I can't believe how rude and inconsiderate some people are. This guy has to wear this design the rest of his life perhaps knowing that he ripped someone off?! Someone suggested that I sell the design on a tattoo flash website so that other people can have the same one tattooed on them if they pay the fee. Therefore I'd get paid the full amount for my hard work. I'm sorry he ruined it for everyone else who wouldn't even consider doing this.

Graphic artists charge anywhere from $50 - 150 per hour to do design work for their clients. I'm unsure if they charge for research and consultation work or supplies used to draw the piece. I'm willing to draw designs for people if they pay the proper amount, and they can get it tattooed by someone else if they desire. If they get it tattooed by me, I waive the drawing fee unless I spend more than 4 hours on a design or they change their minds to a totally different design.

The aforementioned person paid me on the lowest pay bracket for 1 hour, yet the design I drew for him took me about 3 hours.

This is my only professional job. I have a family to support. I'm a busy pregnant wife and mother who has tons of housework, errands, and child rearing on top of drawing for people and tattooing them. I don't deserve to be paid for a fraction of what I deserve to do drawings for people.

Please be considerate and don't copy other people's designs. Have your tattoo artist come up with something unique, and be original!!!!!!!

To the rest of my clients:

If you must see the design beforehand, you can make a drawing review appointment with me at your consultation to come to the shop the day before to preview it if I'm working. No pictures can be taken with your phone so bring your loved ones if they are interested in seeing it in advance.


  1. Some people just suck,I hope the artist he goes to does a hack job

  2. I can't believe that guy came back for another design! You told me about him when you tattooed me, and I couldn't believe it then, let alone now.