Friday, December 3, 2010

Turkey Day revisited

Finally today I got to recreate the turkey left overs into new dishes. First, I threw together some turkey croquettes and fried them up for lunch. I also got to break out the vaccuum sealer which was exciting. Second was the Turkey pot pie including a home made butter crust still baking in the oven. Lastly, I whipped up some curried turkey salad with dried cranberries. I'm not sre if anyone will be a fan of the last dish, but I sure will. In fact, everything on that list is palatable to me. It's tough pleasing a toddler and a "meat and potatoes" husband, though.

Last night my mantra was "living clean". There were good intentions of exercising and eating healthy especially since hubby and I spent two consecutive nights at sporting events - The Flyer's vs Bruin on Wednesday and the Eagles vs Texan's last night. We ate copious amounts of junk food and drank a bunch of beers. Then today I decide to whip up some high calorie and fattening comfort food. Oh well. The only exercise I got today was cleaning the house, pulling 135 lbs of children around the yard on a boogie board, and walking after my son who is now tricycling up and down the street quite fast. I surely broke a sweat, but didn't get to use the new to us elliptical.

The Holiday decorations have started to creep out of hiding, and we're slowly decorating the home. Of course I had to clean it first since it was a disaster after the week of hellish travel, work, and play. My husband put up the outdoor lights so the holiday mood is taking over. Hopefully we can go pick out a tree if my son decides to wake up from his 4pm nap... However it's already 7:21pm.

It will be sad to actually miss the holiday due to my guest spot at Hart & Huntington at Universal Studios Citywalk, but we'll do our own thing. It's only a date anyway. Now let's hope I can make a bunch of money while I'm away so that I can purchase some nice gifts for my family and myself of course. Things seem to be looking up since my other half had an interview the other day that seemed to go well. He also has another one planned on the 16th. There also seems to be other opportunities for him arising at this time. Let's just hope and pray that he lands a job, and I can finally take a break for a little while. I miss spending consecutive days off with my son and going to play dates. I miss my mommy friends. Hopefully soon I can be in the loop once again.

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