Monday, November 8, 2010

Daylight Savings saved me

While life has been leading me to dwell in the pit of eternal despair lately, I've decided to take some new steps towards success. With open arms, I'm going to embrace the positive - exercising, diet, and frugality as much as possible. Perhaps I've had an epiphany. At least I finally got to release some pent up tears which seemed to be building up for quite some time. I might as well fix my life rather than gloat in the negative aspects and act a fool.

The other night I reminisced while googling on the computer about the positive aspects of my past that have somewhat been put into remission. I used to be more involved in the tattoo scene by guesting often, doing conventions, getting pictures of my work and myself into magazines, and promoting more.

While I haven't completely stopped all of those things, I've focused more on being home as much as possible to be with my son. It's a double edged sword. I love to travel around and go on adventures, work at new shops, and meet new people. It helps me to evolve my own style, learn new tricks of the trade, and recharge the inspiration battery. On the other hand, I miss my family immensely.

The reality of it is that if I can make good money while traveling, I should do it now since it's slowed down in Philadelphia and South Jersey. My bookings used to be full for three or so months at a time when I worked at Lightwave. I suppose 4 years of networking and busting my ass will do. Therefore my days are always booked when I head up to Jim's Tattoo. I'll be making it up there three weeks in a row this month. Hours are dwindling at my present job, and I have mouths to feed. Being the sole bread winner has its pressures, but I have a newfound confidence that I can make it work.

Also in the past I worked out like a mofo. It used to be a part of my routine for most of my adult life. I was into hiking, snow boarding, skiing, cycling, weight lifting, and yoga in my early twenties. I got bored. Then in my mid twenties I was an avid trail runner and was still cycling when I lived in Rockport. I got bored again,. Then when I lived in Salem, I was seeing a personal trainer, spinning, and hitting the Salem Healthworks, an all female gym , many times a week. I was running 5 or 6 miles, doing Pilates, Spinning, and still cycling when I lived in Florida. When I got pregnant the exercise dwindled and the pastries and soft serve ice cream wer top priority. Don't get me wrong, I still did some prenatal yoga, and cycling up to 4 months or so. Post pregnancy I somewhat got int working out again, but never on a regular basis.

The recent epiphany has inspired me to work out at home via Comcast On Demand Exercise TV per the suggestions of a great friend, Michelle. She is my hero right now due to the fact that she's completely changed herself inside and out. She's always been my cheerleader, and I love her like a sister. I look up to her even more since she's reached goals that I now have.

Perhaps this all began after reading a quote my husband sent to me the other day;

Success: To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I loved this post! I'm cheering you on from Maine! Miss you and thinking of you guys often :)

  2. I am glad you are trying to turn things around and look at the positive side. Believe me, I know how hard that can be. I know when we talked on Saturday we got a bit into how crazy things can get when you are trying to support a family in this economy. But you are an amazing person and I know that you will get yourself where you need to be!! Also, you have inspired me to try that exercise on demand. I have gained so much weight and it is making me really mad at myself, so it will be nice to at least fit in my fat clothes again!!