Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby brain continues

I never thought I was flighty or airy until the end of my pregnancy. Then one day, it began. I forgot what I needed to do that day, who I had plans with, and other everyday things. It was to my knowledge that this went away after pregnancy, but I still have these symptoms. I forget what time there's a play date at my house, that I need to renew lisences, pay the meter, etc. Do I have to set an alarm for everything? I need to figure this out. This can't be the new me.

Perhaps I just have too much going on. Working full time and balancing a schedule at three different studios in three different states. Tattooing just takes everything out of me. Then that doesn't include the extra time I put into drawing, commuting, pumping breast milk, and ordering supplies. Top that off with taking care of my husband who's recovering from back surgery and a male toddler who demands 100% of my attention except when he's playing in his sand box. Let's finish that off with the endless house keeping, cooking, and food shopping. My plate is overfull. I'm losing my mind.

I need to find time to recharge. Writing helps. Doing nothing at all helps. A vacation would be absolutely fabulous! Looking at art, enjoying a good book, getting a massage, cooking a fabulous meal, or dining out. These are all things that help me fill my creative battery. Some of the time when I find myself losing my mind, I can't even relax since I'm worrying about all of the things I need to take care of. It's a conundrum.

Well today I'm working towards change. My husband understands that I truly deserve a break so he insisted that I get some R&R at the salon/spa. He got the ok from the surgeon to pick up our son again so he'll be taking over his Stay At Home Dad duties once again. I'm sure this will relieve some tension. Therefore this afternoon I'll be enjoying a massage and a bang trim today. Afterwards my plan is to cook a fabulous meal and do some drawings over a bottle of wine of course. Let's see if I can stick to it.

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