Friday, August 12, 2011

Pissa mood

In twenty fours hours, my mood has drastically changed from bad to good. Good thing since I was in the dumps. The house has been a disaster, and that always causes inner turmoil for me. On top of that, due dates for drawings were building up. The pressure to get them done was looming. Besides when my child is unruly and bills are unpaid, these are the most common pressures that push me over the edge.

All it took was to make progress. Since Wednesday I've been hitting the drawing board. Three were done that day, and I still had more. Yesterday morning I did more on a project that was due at 12 and finished at the lst minute since he didn't care to preview. This morning I knocked out another due for today, and a few sketches of ongoing drawings that still need work after approval. I still have one more, a back piece, to do for review tomorrow. However I'm done until later or tomorrow morning. I've been up since 6am drawing and intermittently checking and sending emails, confirming appointments, eating breakfast. Now it's time to get ready for a long day at the studio. There's two large outlines that need to be done, and a second drawing review for a back piece.

Perhaps I booked a little too many new pieces for this week. Someday I will learn to properly and efficiently fill my schedule! Why do I feel bad that people have to wait so long and try to pile it up as I have time available? I just don't always consider how much homework has to be done. This is a lesson to be learned.

Here are a couple of things I've worked on this week.

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