Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm back

Times have changed at the Beyer house. My hubby is recently unemployed, and it seems like he's been sending his resume out into a black hole with this poor economy. He's become a Stay At Home Dad. I call it a SAHD pronounced "Sad" since it's not his ideal situation. He's the type of guy that likes to be the bread winner because he was raised that way. While I love that about him, I want our son to grow up thinking that that's not the only way. A mom can be the bread winner and support the family too. I'm trying like hell to make that happen. Not only because my husband is unemployed in a tough economy, but his herniated disks in his back is causing him so much pain lately. He can't sleep let alone even go to work at this point, and we're waiting to hear back form the surgeon to see if he's a candidate for minimally invasive surgery.

Therefore I'm back to work full time. Mostly I'm in Philly at No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo on 4th and South. Then a couple of times a month, I'm traveling to Jim's Tattoo in Seabrook, Nh. Also during the week I'm available at the New Jersey Body Graphics location. It's exhausting, but I love it. I work long hours in Philly, try to cook, clean, and spend QT with Talon and my husband when I'm off. It's tough to balance it all, but it's my reality.

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