Tuesday, December 8, 2015


 It's been awhile. I'm still here, alive and grateful everyday. I still count my blessings. Now the kids and I do it together often. I'm here to update you. 
 We're not living in New Jersey anymore. We moved to New Hampshire. Josh got a new job this summer. We both go tick of living apart very fast so we found s home in Durham, Nh. The schools are good here, and frankly it's beautiful. 
  New Hampshire is awesome, but I have certainly been dealing with lots of incidents due to "chemo brain". It's real folks, look it up. I never thought I had any more memory loss than the next person until I moved here and nearly burned the new house down. Then I forgot about my sons field trip, and he missed it. And on and on. Needless to say, I'm setting numerous automatic reminders throughout the day via my smart devices in order to try and conquer chemo brain with the help of modern technology.
 It's nice to live in a new place after going through a disease that is so traumatic. I rarely bring it up to anyone I meet unless I hear that they know someone close in the club that you never want to join or they're also in da club. It's a fresh start. 
 It's been 3 years since chemo. There are pics and updates that I look at through a time hop application on Facebook that remind me of what I went through. Sometimes I just wish uncoils forget since it plagues my mind so often. It was traumatic. I'm enjoying the longer time lapses in between not thinking about cancer, but I can also look back to remind myself of how much great support I had through those times. It also reminds me to count those blessings again. Yes chemo made my life hellish with horrible side effects but yes I'm lucky to be here. The addition of natural practices I still implement today also keep me sane and healthy too. 

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